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Founded in 1802, Du Pont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere.


The previous processing system took up a tremendous amount of time for Du Pont. 
“It was a three-week fulltime project for one person,” says Christie. “Someone had to sit down and crank through hundreds of spreadsheets and eventually run out some numbers, which took a lot of cross-checking and validating.”


On top of that, Du Pont’s distributors were asking for more visibility into the programme and its generation. To speed up the process and provide clients with more clarity, the company searched the market for a suitable solution. After evaluating a number of options Du Pont selected Mindfull to assist with an IBM Cognos TM1 implementation.


“Implementing IBM Cognos TM1 was a huge leap forward for us,” says Christie.


“The process time has been cut from weeks to minutes and that has revolutionised our business.”

“Once a month, we load the data from SAP and run the whole process within 15-30 minutes.” Christie is now able to report back to distributors efficiently, by branch and by product, at the end of every month.

“The TM1 solution saves a tremendous amount of time,” says Christie. “We’d have to employ somebody just about full time if we were going to provide the same level of clarity and information to our customers as we do now.”

“Based on feedback, the distributors are very happy now,” he says. Some clients have even said that the reporting from Du Pont is some of the best among what they receive from all their suppliers, he says.

To Du Pont, the top benefits of the solution are speed and access to accurate and reliable data. It provides Christie with a second reference point for his accrual funds and also gives a good sales record in an easy-to-read format, he says.

“The reporting significantly helps me analyse trends and measure business performance. And more importantly, the detailed and timely information we can now provide to our clients has greatly improved our relationships with them.”

After five years in operation, TM1 has “certainly stood the test of time”, he adds. “The service and support from Mindfull is excellent and very professional”, he says. “We have a great working relationship with them. It always comes back to people and Mindfull’s consultant, Eric, has been outstanding. They are also very considerate of our needs in terms of security and efficiency.”



Du Pont needed to improve efficiency by revolutionising their processing system to improve visibility, reporting and payments to their distributors.




IBM Cognos TM1




  • Processing time cut from weeks to minutes

  • Access to accurate and reliable data

  • Improved visibility for distributors

  • Improved customer service

  • Timely and easy-to-read reporting enables better analysis