When it comes to business, we really know our stuff. For over 20 years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow, solve problems, gain efficiencies and meet their goals. 

And we’re not just about having the right tools either. We’re also about getting a clear picture of your current situation, a strong understanding of the business environment – both internally and externally, and the ability to predict opportunities and risks before they arise. 
We’re about giving you a clear path to move forward from. It’s what we do best.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Develop a solid strategy to help take your business forward

  • Conduct a stocktake of your current business situation and work out solutions for any issues we uncover

  • Map out your data requirements and develop a data strategy

  • Establish your business’ key performance indicators to support your business goals

  • Make recommendations for streamlining your business functions, including analysis and reporting



BI Improves Performance

"Today's business landscape has...changed in ways that put analytics 'have-nots' at a substantial disadvantage relative to the analytics 'haves'.

Deloitte Review,
Beyond the Numbers: Analytics as a Strategic Capability


Turn your business data into competitive advantage. Mindfull, in partnership with Deloitte, offers a range of services to help organisations develop and enhance their BI strategy.


Information Value Map

Identify the key data elements that support your organisation’s business priorities


KPI Definition

Establish organisation-wide KPIs critical to measuring and supporting core business objectives


BI Maturity Assessment

Workshops, interviews and surveys aimed at discovering your organisation’s BI maturity and readiness for next steps


BI Stocktake

Undertake an inventory to rationalise BI infrastructure and licensing, and explore ways of consolidating and integrating existing solutions


BI Competency Centre

Determine the right BI capability and tools to match your business objectives and create a common ‘language’ for reporting and analysis.



So, can we help your business move forward?

Let’s chat. Just give us a bell on or flick us a email.  We’d love to hear from you.


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