We’ve partnered with Informatica, the world’s leading Enterprise Cloud Data Management company, who power our next generation cloud solutions for you.

Informatica have been providing world leading cloud based data warehousing, software and analytics since 2005. They now have the solutions in place for the Data 3.0 era and provide the platforms for your digital transformation, or what they call an intelligent data platform.

What makes this cloud so different is this cloud is built on Snowflake’s technology. They have built a data warehouse system from the ground up specifically for the cloud. This will revolutionise the way you store, access and analyse data.

Like never before, Informatica can allow you perform queries, scale up, scale down, clone databases, make a staged transfer to the cloud, and all in a super cost and time effective way. Combined with our management and analytics, this new user pays, modular, cloud ‘elasticity’ system will totally change the way your company stores and analyses data.


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Allows for staged transfer to the Cloud

Choose which groups of data to start with – rather than big bang launch approach. Your old legacy analytics software will also still be supported.

You can also retain your current legacy data warehouse and run parallel Snowflake database for immediate analysis to then feed into legacy data warehouse.

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New user pays, cloud elasticity, modular system

Start small, scale fast – right size for the job at hand. Scale up then de-scale if you don't require more capacity.

Run date queries to your database on customer habits faster than before. Pay for this service just by the hour, or even the second. This will provide massive cost savings for you.

Run analytics on a clone of your database, then discard that clone. This reduces risk and means analysts can experiment with analysis projects like never before.

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Plan – with certainty

With Informatica, you can integrate several data systems into one. This will also help you simplify security measures.

Informatica also make it easy to share data with third party partners, or data enrichers with no security issues. You can create different accounts that can all access the same database.

There is no need for IT to back-up or create archives because of the free clone databases.