Easily manage your organisation’s data sovereignty, risk and compliance with Mindfull & EDC, while achieving superior analytics outcomes through improved
awareness and data quality.

Introducing Informatica® Enterprise Data Catalog

Developed by Informatica, the world’s No. 1 provider of data management solutions, Informatica® Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) is an AI-powered data catalog that provides a machine learning-based discovery engine to scan and catalog data assets across the enterprise—across cloud and on-premises, and big data anywhere.

The intelligence in Enterprise Data Catalog is provided by The CLAIRE™️ engine, which provides intelligence by leveraging metadata to deliver intelligent recommendations, suggestions, and automation of data management tasks.




Mindfull & EDC enable you to achieve better data sovereignty outcomes by:

● Discovering where organisational data is, and its compliance
● Showing you who’s accessed your organisational data and if your access policy is being followed
● Giving you a 360° overview of all the known organisational data, what it is, what it contains, its type, and more
● Enabling you to manage and monitor data compliance on an ongoing basis


Your organisation will also achieve better data quality outcomes by:

● Providing a central source of information about data quality, which can be improved with crowd-sourced information from across your organisation
● Highlighting critical data quality issues, so data teams can fix them instead of spending time finding them
● Providing libraries to enhance existing information (e.g. addresses)




Discover where your data is located

EDC finds, collects and collates all your data so you know what data you have, where it is stored, how secure it is, and where it’s from. Providing you with its sovereignty and important visibility and oversight.

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Know who accesses your data

Anyone who accesses your data is tracked and recorded, so you can assess how secure and compliant your data is. Helping you ensure your data is safe and risks have been mitigated.

Data Overview

Understand the quality of your data

EDC provides a central source of information about data quality, so you can use the right data for your analysis. Enabling you to trust and act on the results, relationships and connections you discover.



In this increasingly data-driven world, companies that are able to turn their data assets into results, revenue and growth are the ones getting ahead.

However, most companies have no idea what data they have and where it is. Even if they do know where it is, it’s unlikely they know its quality and whether it’s suitable for analysis.

See how Mindfull is helping organisations discover valuable insights, significantly reducing data risks in their business, or contact us to discover how Informatica® EDC can transform the way you manage data.

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