Mindfull’s ancestry can be traced back to 1992 when Ernest Glad invented one of the world’s first electronic activities-based costing systems and founded South African software company, Cortell.



In 1996, Cortell New Zealand opened its doors with two clever people and a work ethic that never quit - and they haven’t look back since.



Cortell hit the ground running in Australia in 2004 with the US following closely on its heels in 2005.



Over the years Cortell expanded their services to different sectors including health, education and retail - and acquired, as well as invented, many more innovative business solutions



In 2014, Cortell New Zealand became Mindfull.  Same company. Different name. A fresh new approach.



Mindfull now has over 250 local and international clients and is an IBM Premier Business Partner, the highest partner status given by IBM. And we’re proud to be one of New Zealand’s leading business solutions providers.




At Mindfull, we’re revolutionising the IT industry. We believe technology shouldn’t be complicated, so you’ll find that everything about us – from our business solutions to our people to our service – is straight-forward and upfront. We make things simple. That means no tech speak, no complex products and no hard sell.

Just humble, down-to-earth service and business solutions that make sense. Our values say it all…


We’re across our subject, keeping abreast of international trends, delivering excellence at all times.


We focus on what’s important to your business and use our nous to create success for you.


We’re here to serve and support you, our clients. We’re down-to-earth and always ready to pick up the phone.


Feel like chatting to us? Just give us a bell on +64 9 580 2200 or send us a note. We’d love to hear from you.