Using AI to create hyper-personalised experiences.
Where should I start? Leveraging predictive analytics in your business.
How should your business get started with AI?
CDM Certent and Mindfull


The impact of spreadsheet on planning.
What to look out for when changing from a spreadsheet to an automated planning solution.
The benefits for Delegat from moving their data from spreadsheets to automated planning software.
What's next in business planning?
How planning and analytics solutions make documentation of plans and budgets easy.
Can you still get to a budgeting and planning solution without good data?
How implementing their planning and analytics software has changed the culture at Delegat.
How their new Planning & Analytics solution has changed the conversation at Delegat


Why organisations should view data as one of their most important assets.
How Downer is able to increase their margins by knowing and using the data they have in the business.
Why data sovereignty and data security must now be a priority for businesses
Insights: Understanding data value